the ligthning / jack development kit is there

the ligthning / jack development kit is there

Cirrus Logic

The presence of an audio jack port on the next iPhone 7 remains currently unknown, with contradictory rumors multiplying on the subject. However, there is already a development kit to transform the lightning port into a jack port.

Cirrus Logic obviously does not want to wait for Apple to officially communicate on the disappearance or not of the jack port on the iPhone 7. The company specializing in audio products has thus announced the marketing of a development kit to exploit the port lightning of an iPhone in order to add a jack port. Everything is part of Apple's MFI program, which makes everything officially supported by Apple.

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The kit consists of programming tools and an electronic circuit which can both be taken over by other manufacturers and used to offer a commercial adapter.

Even before the iPhone 7 comes out, we could see a set of accessories to compensate for the absence of the jack port. It remains to be seen how long Apple will keep its Lightning port.