The Last Of Us And More – GKZ Hitech

Each month, PS4 and PS4 Pro owners who subscribe to Sony's PlayStation Plus service download and play a variety of free games.

PS Plus is PlayStation's online gaming service, which offers access to multiplayer games and other benefits, including money from many digital purchases. It also offers an excellent range of free titles that would typically price a package.

A PS Plus subscription generally costs 6.99 per month, 19.99 for three months or 49.99 for a full year. You can also find amazing deals online.


Here are the free PS4 games available in October 2019:

The last of us remastered

What a rare treat. This month’s PS Plus lineup includes one of the best games ever released on PlayStation 4, although it was originally available on PS3. The remastered graphics and the already great scenario set this zombie horror adventure game to the stratosphere. And, with the release date announced for February 2020 of The Last of Us Part 2, this is an ideal opportunity to catch up.

MLB The Show 19

We are big fans of the MLB The Show series and the latest is by far the best yet. Developed in-house by Sony, it quickly became the FIFA of baseball, with stunning graphics and superb modes, as well as easy control options for newcomers.

Note: PS Plus no longer supports either PS3 or PS Vita.

As of March 8, 2019, PS Plus has only been offering free game downloads on PS4.