The Kindle DX arrives in France

The Kindle DX arrives in France

Image 1: The Kindle DX arrives in FranceThe Amazon eBook in large version finally becomes a reality for the French. The device will be available in 100 countries, including France.

A Kindle for France

It is from January 19 that the French public will be able, along with 100 other countries, to obtain the new version of Amazon’s electronic book. With a screen 2.5 times wider than the previous one, it should give access to content “with rich graphics, such as professional and personal documents, newspapers, magazines and manuals,” said a press release.

Currently in pre-order at a price of 489 dollars, the main problem today of this device in our country remains the catalog. As it arrives in just two weeks, the overwhelming majority of books available are exclusively in English. Amazon has not yet announced French content, and there is no indication that delivery of such content will be made for the release of the Kindle DX. This is likely to be a huge obstacle for the Kindle DX which is likely to be stopped here by the language barrier.

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