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The keynote is prepared at the Yerba Buena Center

The keynote is prepared at the Yerba Buena Center

a few days before the Apple press conference, preparations have already started near the Yerba Buena Center San Francisco …


Apple will hold next Wednesday his “Special Event” at the Yerba Buena Center San Francisco. An event eagerly awaited by the entire community of the apple brand as well as most of the major media in this world who will be on hand to follow live the officialization of the new iPhone.

On the side of the Yerba Buena Center, preparations have already started as one of the site's readers reported 9to5mac. Indeed, the American site published some pictures on his site where we can see the first placement of the apple logos. An implementation that will probably continue with posters highlighting the new features that will be honored on September 12, such as the announcement of the arrival including the final version of iOS 6. Posters that will be good obviously covered with black tarpaulins pending the outcome of the press conference.

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