Linux 4.19 kernel and return of Linus Torvalds

the kernel in version 4.0

The father of the Linux kernel made a very discreet announcement this weekend regarding the release of Linux 4.0. Switching to a 4.0 branch after 3.19 might seem like a major event, but this is actually not the case.

The adoption of a version number 4.0 rather than 3.20 was decided following consultation of the community (a poll on Google+), and therefore the will displayed by Linus Torvalds not to thoughtlessly multiply versions 3. x.

Linus-Torvalds-survey-number-version-kernel-LinuxLinus Torvarlds speaks of Linux 4.0 as " nice little publication "which puts on the stability – and it is already not bad – and with a" solid code progression "but doesn't have much special in terms of new features. Not a great seller.

Note however the possibility of applying kernel patches, such as important security updates, without the need to reboot the system. Live-patching which will save time and appreciable simplicity for administrators.

Let's go for the compilation for the most impatient.