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The joint sale arrives this year in Belgium!

The iPhone 3G may soon sell in Belgium depending on the model applied to our French neighbors. Note that it will eventually be possible to acquire an iPhone 3G with a significantly reduced price but the condition to subscribe to a tariff formula from one of our operators (usually 24 months). Hence the conclusion that it will also be possible that the iPhone 3G will also be sold simlock (blocked on the operator's network, note).

This new method of sale, known as joint (or subsidized, note) could also delight the most geeky of us to know that it will cost us much cheaper to acquire the latest model of telephone existing on the market …

Of course, joint selling obviously does not only offer advantages since it obliges the consumer to remain subscribed to an operator for a fixed period, but simlocke Also the customer’s phone on the operator. In France, a law requires that this simlocking be lifted after six months.

Our country has been called to order by the European Commission. Indeed, we are still one of the only countries not to practice joint selling. The debate then settled in July of last year through Vincent Van Quickenborne, minister in charge of business and telecommunications. Subsequently, Paul Magnette resumed the debate and had considered that a law to lift this law prohibiting joint sale, was conceivable the condition which is accompanied by a real advantage for the consumer.

As time passes, the file advances little step.

“Subsidized sales would already be a reality if our government had known more stability” , Explain Serge Vandriessche, sales & marketing manager Belgium at Samsung.

“The European Commission has indeed instructed Belgium to respect the rules, but our government has not yet had the time to seriously consider the law governing this commercial practice. However, this will not be long in coming. At most, it will take a few more months, but it will in any case be a reality in 2009. ”

Will the sales model in France be exactly the same in Belgium?

Apparently not quite: “It's a safe bet that the system will not be completely modeled on that of our neighbors. Part of the subsidy goes into hardware development, the other goes to the retail sector. In fact, we expect a good fight, and maybe even a hike in the price of subscriptions. "

Anyway, this project coming soon its term may well sow some controversy.

We discuss it on the forum.

(DHnet | Thank you mazux for info)