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The jailbreak of the iPhone 5 could take place in September

The jailbreak of the iPhone 5 could take place in September

It’s in September that London will be hosting the MyGreatFest, the first edition of a festival that will bring together some of the biggest names in the world … from the iPhone's jaibreak. On this occasion, some hackers have already confirmed their presence. We will notably find Joshua Hill (alias P0sixninja), the developer of GreenPois0n, Jay Freeman (alias Saurik), the creator of Cydia, Elias Limneos (alias Pod2g), the developers of DiDroidProject (the porting of Android to iDevices) and developers of many tweaks available on Cydia. An excellent opportunity for developers and hackers to meet and share their tips to optimize their work in the design of a new jailbreak solution.

event organizer Craig Fox is already very optimistic. If we crot a tweet published by the latter, the design of the jailbreak of the iPhone 5 could take place this event on the conditions that the next generation of the device is already announced by Apple and above all, is already marketed. Which is not yet entirely won when we consider the rumors which indicate that the next Apple press conference could take place at the beginning of September and that the iPhone 5, him, will be marketed two or three weeks later.

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