The iPhone XS 512 GB, the financial jackpot for Apple

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The apple brand has just launched the first smartphones in the world to natively offer 512 GB of storage space:iPhone XS and theiPhone XS Max. It turns out thatApple achieves very large profit margins on these two phones.

In a report recently Bloomberg, we were able to learn more about the real cost of the memories of these iPhones. The information disclosed specifies that the 512 GB of storage costs the apple company only 132.48 dollars, while it demands an additional 350 dollars from customers. In other words, a 512 GB iPhone brings the company 218 dollars, for memory only.

iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max Gold Avant Getting Started 739x462 - The iPhone XS 512 GB, the financial jackpot for Apple

For the storage of an iPhone XS 256 GB, the manufacturing cost is around 43 dollars more than for a 64 GB. It costs the customer 150 dollars more, a profit of 107 dollars. According to statements from InSpectrum Tech, the price of flash memory has dropped compared to last year. However, the Californian company has not passed on this drop to the prices of the three new iPhones.

As a reminder, the iPhone XS starts at 1,159 euros, the iPhone XS Max starts at 1,259 euros. For iPhones with 512 GB of storage, prices climb to 1,559 euros for an XS, and 1,659 euros for an XS Max.