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The iPhone XR is unbeatable in the United States, but Samsung …

iphone xr iconGood news for Apple, the iPhone XR is the best-selling smartphone in the United States, but Samsung is still number 1 in Europe!

According to Kantar, the iPhone XR was the best-selling smartphone in the United States in the first quarter of the year. In addition to that Apple has considerably increased its market share in the United States but has seen its share decrease in Europe.

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Apple hit hard in the United States

Apple fell two points to 20.1% in Europe. However, the US market turned out to be a better asset for Apple, as it increased its market share in the United States to 45.5% in the quarter, an increase of 6.5 points over one year.

As you might expect, most of the iPhone XR buyers were upgrading from previous iPhone X models.

16% of XS and XS Max buyers updated from an iPhone X, compared to less than 1% of iPhone XR buyers.

But that's where, says Kantar, the strength of this smartphone: at a time when its flagship phones are four digits and people are holding their smartphones longer, the iPhone XR has proven to be an effective way to convince owners to upgrade to current versions.

Samsung, however, retained its leading position in Europe

Samsung's share in the five largest European markets was maintained in the last quarter, helped by a certain renaissance in Italy and Spain. The launch of the Galaxy S10 has also helped the manufacturer consolidate its number 1 position and is expected to expect sales to continue into the next quarter.

In the first month after their release, sales of the new Samsung S10 models were split between the Galaxy S10 with 49.4%, the S10 with 42.8% and the S10e with 8%. The fact that the more expensive models in the range have dominated so far is a positive factor for the manufacturer.

Fortunately, Apple has cut prices in major foreign markets to protect sales, while introducing relatively generous takeover deals.

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