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The iPhone XI would have the same OLED screen as the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10

Has the apple brand finally realized that Samsung dominates in the field of telephone screens? This is the question that arises after the revelation of yet another rumor, which lends to the future iPhone XI, scheduled for late 2019, the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 from the South Korean brand Samsung. It is hardly surprising to hear about this corridor noise, since it is the Asian firm which already supplies the OLED screens of the iPhone X, XS and XS Max.

But the Korean giant seems to have changed its tune somewhat since it would like to equip the iPhone XI with the exact same screen that already has the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. It is the site The Elec which reports the rumor, that we would like, for once, to believe. Apple previously opted for a custom screen for the iPhone X, XS and XS Max, but this would not be the case this year. The code name of previous iPhone screens was LT2, internally, and today is M9 for the next iPhone… The same name as Samsung screens.

The apple brand therefore opts for a screen already ready rather than a personalized screen. For lack of time or because Apple considers it good enough to be integrated into the iPhone? As a reminder, the Galaxy Note 10 was judged this week as being the smartphone with the most beautiful screen on the market.