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The iPhone XI shows itself in an impressive and realistic concept


Posted: April 4 2019
Updated: April 5, 2019

by Steve

TheiPhone XI stir the spirits. All the biggest aficionados of the apple brand are waiting for it, hoping to find a truly innovative smartphone. It unleashes passions so much that many designers imagine amazing concepts. This is the case of Hasan Kaymak, who imagines an iPhone in an extremely realistic way.

iphone XI concept - The iPhone XI shows itself in an impressive and realistic concept

In its 3D rendering, Hasan Kaymak’s iPhone XI is more than enticing. The designer has indeed integrated a FaceTime camera in the screen, and the same for the TrueDepth system that Face ID uses. In fact, the notch still present on the iPhone XS and XS Max disappears. But it is on the back that everything changes. If several rumors point to a camera module with three square sensors, Mr. Kaymak opts for a long layout: the three sensors are then placed vertically.

Finally, the iPhone XI offers very flat metal edges in this 3D concept. The concept of Hasan Kaymak is therefore truly magnificent, and we can cross our fingers to see it come to fruition in the coming months. However, the disappearance of the notch will not yet be for the iPhone XI, which will have to be very similar to the iPhone XS in terms of design and which will be presented next fall in the keynote annually held by the brand at Apple.