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The iPhone XI: a model to already forget?

Preview of the lavender and green colors of the iPhone XI R 2019 (concept)

iphone xi iphone 11 iconWhile the iPhone XI has no more secrets for us, here is a very pessimistic note that comes to us from analysts at Mizuho Securities. According to them, Apple will still suffer in 2019 and 2020 because of the lack of new features on its iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XIR.

The technical update would be too weak compared to the iPhone XS and XR of 2018. Only the camera and the A13 chip would be really new.

iphone xr 2 rendering - iphone xir: color 2019 with dual photo sensor

Our concept of the iPhone XIR

A disappointing iPhone XI dj?

It is through a note that analysts review the new features expected on the iPhone 2019. As in 2018, the iPhone XI and XI Max would have an OLED screen, while the iPhone XIR would keep its LCD. Same size, same resolution and same design. In addition, they would lose the 3D Touch in favor of the Haptic Touch. No 3D camera at the back, no reduced notch and even less than 5G. For that, we would have to wait until 2020. This point is consistent with the numerous information.

For Mizuho, ​​only the camera, triple on the XI and double on the XIR, would be truly new. But not enough to cause most customers to want to change iPhones. Analysts hope on the other hand a drop in price, which could help the sale of iPhone 2019. But they do not expect a very strong gesture from Apple.

Oddly, analysts do not mention the improved battery, reverse charging, the 120 Hz screen or the new Face ID. We hope that they are partly mistaken, otherwise the year will indeed still be difficult for Apple.

Are you waiting for the iPhone 11 and its derivatives to change your phone or are you going to wait until 2020 for an iPhone 5G with a new design and probably the end of the notch?