This is the iPhone SE 2 that Apple should release at 499 €! [Concept]

The iPhone with Touch ID under the screen in China: an iPhone SE 2?

touch id iconWhat if the iPhone SE 2 has not been forgotten? We are talking about a new iPhone without Face ID but with Touch ID. The latter would not be on the button but under the screen, like many recent Android.

It's the Global Times who quotes Caijing About an iPhone specially designed for Chinese customers. Yes, Apple would prepare a model for China.

iphone se 2 2020 isoft concept

Our old concept of iPhone SE 2 with Face ID + Touch ID

Touch ID rather than Face ID in China

While Face ID has been the only biometric solution on new iPhones for two generations, ironing Touch ID would simply save the scale. Apple could therefore offer cheaper iPhones in China, but also in other countries. The idea is obviously to compete with local brands like Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi who are winning the bet. These have tried to match Face ID but have fallen back on ultrasonic sensors which are also effective.

In addition to the financial advantage, the Touch ID under the screen has the advantage of being accompanied by a panel without a notch, a real total screen.

Now, it seems surprising that Apple only reserves this iPhone for the Chinese market. It is not in her habits, but the market being very complicated especially in Asia, she will be able to review her positions. In any case, a cheaper iPhone with a sensor under the screen could hit anywhere in the world, if it is at a fair price. Less than 600 seem to us to be a psychological barrier for a mid-range (the apple does not make a range).

All of this is shocking to several recent rumors about a future iPhone SE 2020 with an iPhone 8 base.