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The iPhone user loyalty rate is at its lowest since 2011

And no, users ofiPhone are no longer pigeons! Usually, it was considered that the owners of an iPhone necessarily and automatically switched to the newer model when the latter was marketed. And this, even if the iPhone cost an arm, and the buyer had already cut one last year. But this is no longer the case: according to BankMyCell, an online service that allows you to sell your smartphone to buy a new one, the loyalty rate drops day by day.

According to the service, the loyalty rate for iPhone users has decreased by 15.2 points compared to March 2018. The study shows that 26% of iPhone X users sold their smartphone to buy a model of another brand. Pretty crazy, when iOS dominates this way … To compare, 7.7% of users of Galaxy S9 sold it to go on an iPhone. In June, 18% of iPhone resales concerned the purchase of a smartphone Samsung just after.

Which means the lowest loyalty rate for the apple brand. In 2017, it was 92%. Today, it is 73%. In the end, this result is not surprising: while smartphones Android keep lowering their prices, when they come out or a few months later, apple phones are increasing year after year.