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The iPhone recognized as "Modem" in firmware 3.0!

As a result our article of this March 17, about the 17 most anticipated functions for this firmware 3.0, the Cupertino company had already impressed us by integrating more than ten of these functions most hopefully, within the famous firmware! This was without counting the discovery of a hacker made today following the release of the first version bta of this new OS 3.0!

Indeed, this one has reached share the internet connection of your iPhone, via the USB port of his laptop!

Although this function was not not at all on the agenda at this Tuesday’s conference, special “iPhone OS 3.0“! During the questions / answers, the leaders of Apple had clearly indicated that the function “modem”Was a matter that should emerge later, as a result of future negotiations with operators….

It is therefore very likely that when version 3.0 is made available to the general public, you will be able to share the Internet connection of your iPhone with your mobile computer!

Definitely what firmware 3.0 has not finished knocking on us, and for our greater good!

We discuss it on the forum…