The promos on the iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone is selling well in China, it is progressing in a complicated market

Apple NewsApple's performances in China have never really been great, since Chinese smartphone manufacturers are very numerous and offer much cheaper prices. In addition, the Chinese prefer products that come from home and not foreign countries, for many people, turn the Chinese economy is important! Suddenly, the slightest progress of the iPhone is a … feat.

An increase of + 5.6% for the iPhone in Q3 2019

Smartphones are renewed every year a intensive rhythm in China. For example, a Chinese manufacturer can market almost a dozen new models each year and therefore generate a lot of sales thanks to the "newness" effect. However, the smartphone market in China seems to be tired Since the third quarter of this year, it was down -3.6%.

iphone 11 pro

Huawei is a war machine in China

Suffice to say that with Huawei, it is a tidal wave that falls on the smartphone market in China. The firm breaks all records with 41.5 million appliances sold in only 3 months ! Apple only realizes 8.1 million iPhone sold. Compared to last year, Huawei achieved a 64.6% when Apple displays + 5.6%.

idc smartphone sales in China apple vs competitor

This information comes from the analysis firm "IDC"are taken with tweezers since they are not official data, but they allow to have some visibility on the trend of the market. The firm says:

Huawei has gained market share from almost every other market player. Despite everything, Apple's competitive pricing strategy and brand name is in spite of the trade tensions between the United States and China and the absence of a 5G model.

It must be admitted, for a brand like Apple, to achieve such a performance in a country as important as China is dcevant. But we must not be pessimistic since the situation seems to improve after difficult times with the Chinese market.