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The iPhone is celebrating its 10th anniversary today! ?

iphone steve jobs 2007 - L

iphone steve jobs 2007 - L


Posted: January 9 2017
Updated: January 9, 2017

by benjamin

10 years ago today (January 9, 2016), Steve Jobs stood on the stage of the Macworld Conference to present the device that would revolutionize the world of mobile telephony. Apple today celebrates the first decade of its famous smartphone, the iPhone.

iphone steve jobs 2007 - The iPhone is celebrating its 10th anniversary today!  ?

“A remarkable iPod, telephone and Internet browser”

It was with these words that Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the public. In addition to having presented it as a functional phone, the founder of Apple had also described a device allowing to watch films, podcasts and television programs, as well as to transfer the bookmarks from his browser and synchronize his photos .

At the time, the concept (a phone and a handheld computer) seemed too ambitious, but time has shown that Steve Jobs got it right. However, the description made in 2007 evokes more of the latest iPhone 7 than the original model: a large screen to facilitate navigation through music, films and applications developed for iOS.

” The best is yet to come “

Today, the public criticizes Apple a lot for its lack of innovation regarding its flagship phone. Indeed, the Cupertino brand has only mainly been content to make its terminal more powerful in the last 10 years. To mark this day, the current big boss of the firm has promised the best for the future.