The iPhone camera is the most popular!

The iPhone camera is the most popular!

If we take a look at this infographic showing the most recent statistics from the Flickr site, these clearly show that the iPhone camera is one of the most used cameras on the site. photo sharing.

Whereas two years ago, the camera of the iPhone 3G was already heavily used, the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 with their 3.2 mgapixel and 5 mgapixel plus flash sensor, accentuate this even more. trend.

Admittedly, the iPhone is a great tool for taking photos quickly and easily. Even if the photos taken are not of comparable quality to those taken with an SLR, the great advantage of the iPhone is that it finally offers the possibility of having a camera with you at all times.

In addition, the growth of social networks, notably and / or in part dedicated to photography, such as Facebook, Instagramm and Twitter, only increase the use of the iPhone camera, anytime and anywhere o.

Do you use your iPhone a lot as a camera? Do you have a good photo app to recommend?

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