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The iPhone: a smartphone for teens?

The iPhone: a smartphone for teens?

Two new studies tend to show that the iPhone is a smartphone that more easily seduces teens than adults. According to the results obtained, 3/4 of iPhone owners in the United States are still in school.

The first study, conducted by analyst Gene Munster, again, found that 34% of high school students would have an iPhone and 40% would like to get one in the next six months. The study would have been carried out on 5600 adolescents, but no demographic characteristics apart from sex (50-50) are not brought. However, if the study was carried out in a small town, the reality could be completely different since the habits in the countryside are not the same as in a big city like New York for example. Given the professionalism of Gene Munster, we imagine however that he took this into account to conduct his study …

Then comes the second analysis, conducted by comScore. According to them, only 13.5% of people over 13 have an iPhone as a smartphone. The majority of adults would have a Samsung smartphone (25.6%) or an LG (19.4%). Among these 13.5% of the market, we would find 34% of high school students already having an iPhone. And when we compare these figures to the devices sold in the United States, we notice that the adult public only represents 25% of iPhone owners. So that would mean that in the United States, young people are more likely to fall for an iPhone than adults. But does that make the iPhone a teenager smartphone? In any case, this is the trend emerging in the States. A trend that is all the advantage of Apple since Cupertino can count on this very solid and very young base of users to continue growing in the coming years …

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(Source: 9to5mac)