The iPhone 5 would have already distributed some developers

The iPhone 5 would have already distributed some developers

The fifth-generation iPhone has reportedly already distributed a handful of handy developers to prepare applications that take full advantage of the capabilities of the Apple A5 processor that will be installed in the next generation of iPhone.

This will aim to offer, from the launch of the new smartphone pomm in September, to offer applications that demonstrate the power of the processor and the possibilities offered by it. We are thinking in particular of games that will certainly gain in power since the Apple A5 processor of the iPad 2 is announced as 9 times more powerful for rendering games.

However, the Apple A5 processor in the fifth generation iPhone should have a clock frequency lower than that of the iPad 2 (for a question of autonomy), it does not prevent this processor should clearly make the difference compared the current Apple A4 in the iPhone 4.

The fifth-generation iPhone distributing this handful of developers would be very similar to the current iPhone 4, except for its Apple A5 processor. To avoid any leak in the development of its future product, the Cupertino company would therefore have taken care to deliver an iPhone completely identical externally and free of new features. These fifth generation iPhones are not necessarily what the next one will be.

The version of iOS embedded in these models of iPhone 4 "S" or iPhone 5 remains a slightly modified version of iOS 4 to support the Apple A5 processor and possibly other undisclosed hardware components. iOS 5 should be presented at WWDC 2011, which will take place from June 6 to 10.

This indiscrtion has been reported by our colleagues from 9 to 5 Mac whose developer explains that the prototype iPhone 4 "S" or iPhone 5 remains securely locked in a safe within the company.

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