The iPhone 5 in spare part?

The iPhone 5 in spare part?

The site MacPost would have received from a Chinese parts supplier Truemaxcn parts which are supposed to be those of the iPhone 5!

The label is codenamed N94 which clearly refers to a new generation of iPhone (compared to N90 for the iPhone 4 GSM and N92 for the iPhone 4 CDMA). The mention EVT 2 June 7, 2011 (for technical verification test) is also mentioned, which means that it is a prototype.

From the outset, we note that the camera and especially the flash, remains exactly in the same place, unlike a shifted location as suggested by previous rumors (cf.:IPhone 5 parts in the wild?")

The position of the circuits suggests that deep internal changes have been made in this iPhone 5.

Rumors have been quite contradictory lately, it's hard to say whether it's a prototype iPhone 5.

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Front camera

IPhone 5 battery

Power cable

Audio management cable