The iPhone 5 capable of filming in HDR?

The iPhone 5 capable of filming in HDR?

Sony unveiled the new generation of photo sensors on Monday to film in HDR and save space for manufacturers. Provided in two versions (8 and 13 mgapixels), these new digital devices could be used in the design of the iPhone 5.

The idea was simple, but we still had to think about it! By stacking but also sparing the processing unit and the CMOS sensor, Sony engineers managed to reduce the space used in the smartphone and reduce possible interference. Best of all, this saved space improves the quality of photos taken with the digital camera. RGBW technology with its high-performance image censor makes it possible to give a better rendering with lighting, the image of what you can see above. The qualities of the censor should also allow better results once the video mode is activated, with the use of two images (rear and foreground) and a native HDR rendering.

In practice, the new sensor also brings many other advantages, such as a lower price, more space, greater speed and lower energy consumption than the average. Sony already producing the sensors of the iPhone 4S, it would be surprising if Apple does not really consider the use of this technology for its next iPhone, especially since Sony plans to release two versions: one of 8 mgapixels , and the other of 13 mgapixels.

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(Source: 9to5mac)