The iPhone 5 also late?

The iPhone 5 also late?

We announced it to you this morning, the iPad 2 could be delayed for its launch following production problems at Foxconn. According to Craig Berger (FBR Capital), there is now also talk of a postponement of the release of the iPhone 5 which would be postponed from September side!

Thus, he explains, "For the iPhone 5, we continue to hear from suppliers of case parts, chips and image sensors that the launch in July is unlikely. Suppliers have not yet received orders. Given all these factors, a launch in September would be more obvious. It is certain that this would allow Apple to better refine its launch ”.

Berger added that according to his contacts, Apple would like to build no less than 100 million iPhone 5s for 2011, contrary to the first forecasts which were 75 million. The iPad, when it should be produced 45 million copies in the same year, and not 38 million as originally announced.

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