The iPhone 4S present WWDC?

The iPhone 4S present WWDC?

According to the English site Electricpig, Apple’s UK press service is reportedly encouraging major media outlets to cover the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) starting June 6 in San Francisco. The release of the next generation of the iPhone would have been used as an important argument to make the move.

If the rumors of recent months are showing more and more insistence that the new iPhone (iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S) will be launched in September rather than usual, in June, the English blog ElectricPig would have heard that Apple's press service is said to be busy pushing British media to travel across the Atlantic to assist WWDC. To justify the move, the Apple press service would argue that the new iPhone will be present at this event.

Introduced in June but released in September? No Sens !

While many analysts would have heard that production of the next iPhone would not start until the third quarter (early July), how would Apple benefit from presenting its new iPhone next month to market it three months later? What if the specs of the past few months were simply incorrect in the sense that Apple would be ready to present, as usual, its new device at the same time of the year?

In addition, let us recall that the 2011 event should also devote the introduction of iOS 5 bringing new additional functionalities such as a new management of application files, a completely revised notification system or even better integration of voice recognition. . A first beta version of Apple's major firmware update is expected to be released after the event.

Finally, there is no longer too much doubt that the Cupertino company should also present its new famous music streaming service that Apple would have set up to counter competition such as Google Music or Spotify (read: Music streaming Made in Apple announces WWDC?).

For your part, do you think that the new iPhone will indeed be available in less than two weeks?

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