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The iPhone 4 would have problems with proximity sensors?

Even if the reception problem of the iPhone 4 was recognized by Apple a few days after its launch (this problem should be corrected by a future update, note), other users come to complain about the proximity sensors of the which in particular allow you to turn off the screen when you approach the iPhone to your face, thus preventing the involuntary activation of the “buttons” displayed on the screen.

The problem would be as follows: when you answer a call, these famous sensors would ultimately not make it possible to reach the screen or to reactivate the screen when a call ends.

A certain number of testimonies going in this direction were identified on forum "Technical support" from Apple. The following advice was even recommended:

Open the Parameter application, go to General, then Reset, select to finish Reset all settings. (this resets your settings but keeps all your data).

Many users have stated that they have been unable to reproduce this problem by performing this solution.

The Cupertino company has yet to comment on this possible problem. It is more of a software problem than a hardware problem. An update would allow, with a little hope, to optimize the settings of these famous sensors.

are you affected by this problem? If yes, did the above solution solve the problem?

We discuss it on the forum.