The iPhone 3G in Belgium: Not yet ready to launch !?

According to one of our sources close to the case, the cancellation of the press conference which should have taken place this Friday, July 4 is postponed more finalization of a contract agreement Between Mobistar and the Apple Premium Resellers (Apple resellers) which would not appear not yet loop.

Mobistar would require an exclusivity contract from 3 years to the Apple Premium Resselers to market the iPhone 3G in Belgium, which has a padlock and would complicate discussions.

Mobistar is therefore very interested to also go through Apple Premium Resselers to sell the iPhone 3G as it is a market that they don't know.

In addition, we also learn that the iPhone 3G which will be destined for the Belgian market is well and truly be simlock on the operator Mobistar and Apple Europe even expect this that a complaint be made and that the sale of the iPhone 3G in Belgium be stops.

Apple Europe apparently would not have prepared scrupulously the sale ofiPhone 3G with us and would not understand the specifics of our market and of our laws.

To finish, Apple Belgium has no intervention on the marketing ofiPhone 3G in Belgium, everything is managed by Orange France (Group) and Apple Europe.

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