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The iPhone 12 much more interesting than the iPhone 11

iPhone 12: rendering of the new sizes of the 2020 models

iphone xii iphone 12 iconIt's not a surprise, iPhone XII, or iPhone 12, is certainly much more interesting than iPhone 11. The most credible and insistent rumors and leaks are reporting real news for iPhone XII expected in 2020, while iPhone XI is just a version IPhone XS. That is to say.

Indeed, the iPhone 11 that we know would only offer some improvements such as the rear triple photo sensor whose style is debated, as well as the possible reverse recharge and 120 Hz screen, notably improving video games.

Update 08/16/19: iPhone 11 would be called iPhone 11 Pro.08/23/19 update: here is the technical sheet of the iPhone 11.
10/09/19 update:
Apple has introduced the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.
09/14/19 update: a first technical sheet of the iPhone 12 Pro.

iphone xii 2020 comparative size geskin 2

DiPhone 12 concept

A sexier iPhone 12 / XII

JP Morgan analysts have just put on a layer. Like a few weeks ago, they are talking about an iPhone XI totally clipped by that of 2020 for several reasons.

Among the arguments in favor of future iPhone XII, we find:

  • three models as currently but in new sizes with the iPhone 12 in 5.4 inches and the iPhone 12 Max in 6.7 inches, leaving the iPhone 12R in 6.1 inches.
  • 5G compatibility, even if the R version would only be available as an option
  • The triple photo sensor on the back of the iPhone 12 would be equipped with TrueDepth allowing 3D capture
  • A reduced or even masked notch on the front face
  • A new design closer to that of the iPad Pro 2018 with their square edges

All this is obviously not set in stone, but very likely. In addition, Apple could decide to pass some changes initially planned on the iPhone 11 such as reverse charging or the USB-C port in order to make it an essential model and restart the machine. If 2019 rhymes with services at Apple, 2020 to become again the year of the iPhone.

LiPhone 12 what price?

In addition to the new features, the 2020 iPhone sales will be closely linked to the prices charged by the apple. We hope that the iPhone XII will spend less than 1000 in 128 GB version so as not to completely lose its audience, where competitors like Huawei sell their flagship store under this psychological bar.

Are you ready to buy an iPhone XI or an iPhone XII?