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The iPhone 12 mini would sell poorly … is this the end of small formats?

The iPhone 12 mini, the smallest smartphone launched by Apple since the previous generation of iPhone SE, would sell poorly, according to an independent study by the firm Wave7. The most popular model in the line is actually the iPhone 12, which has a slightly larger screen. As if the firm’s customers no longer wanted formats smaller than 6.1 ″.

iPhone 12
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Apple had created a surprise by presenting in 2020 a 4th miniature option in its range of premium smartphones: the iPhone 12 mini 5.4 ″. The smartphone looks like a lot of concepts that had come out before the iPhone 12 launch. These sketches indeed imagined an evolution of the 1st generation iPhone SE, itself based on the design of the iPhone 5S, which would adopt an OLED screen with regular borders and with FaceID notch iPhone X mini style.

What to sign the return of smartphones that can be operated with one hand, without twisting or use a feature to move items down to the top of the screen when necessary to make them more accessible. This is the rather attractive promise of the iPhone 12 mini (809 €). Especially since the phone does not really compromise. We still find 5G, the same premium chip as on other iPhones and a dual photo sensor identical to the iPhone 12 6.1 ″ model.

The iPhone 12 mini would have a hard time finding its audience, at least for the time being

However, a study by the firm Wave7, carried out in the United States, seems to say that Apple customers are no longer really seduced by formats smaller than 6 ″. The iPhone 12 mini would indeed represent between 4 and 5% of the iPhone sales of the largest American operators. Against … between 24 and 33% of sales of iPhone 12 6.1 ″. All in an iPhone 12 range that is selling pretty well in North America and the rest of the world. The 6.1 ″ iPhone 12 is available just € / $ 100 more expensive than the iPhone 12 mini – and it looks likean overwhelming majority of customers prefer to take the plunge and benefit from a slightly larger screen.

But it is not maybe not the end of the story. It must be said that the battery capacity of the mini, at 2227 mAh against 2815 mAh is particularly low on this model. As does the MagSafe wireless charger, which operates at a slightly lower power with this device. Did these aspects give an impression of a less interesting device from a quality / price point of view? It’s hard to tell from the Wave7 numbers. However, we should perhaps also see the situation in the longer term.

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Competing Android manufacturers generally follow Apple in its successes. However, it has been a long time since the vast majority of manufacturers no longer really offer compact models. Apple continues to do so. As if the level of sales compared to the rest of the range did not matter. It is indeed possible that the stake, for Apple, is simply to occupy the field of ultra-compact formats, just to be sure to keep customers who do not like large formats.

Source: PhoneArena