The iPhone 11 still collects geolocation data

The iPhone 11 still collects geolocation data

iphone 11 iconApple is she shot in the foot with his iPhone 11 and 11 Pro? While the firm is big on confidentiality to stand out from the competition, it seems that the latest iPhone collect the data of location, even if the user has everything turned off. That's what safety researcher Brian Krebs has just demonstrated.

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A bug or a need for iPhone 11?

Through a publication featuring a demonstration video, Brian shows that even though all location services have been disabled, his iPhone 11 Pro still displays the arrow in the status bar indicating that GPS is being used.

Brian Krebs contacted Apple on November 13 but did not get the discount answer because the iPhone company explains:

We do not see real security implications. This is the intended behavior of the location services in the status bar when they are enabled. License appears for system services that do not have a switch in the settings.

In sum, Apple explains that, despite an ever finer granularity in settings, the user does not slow down and opportunities his hand. Some services that use golocation are not disabled. If this is not necessarily very surprising, it goes against the current marketing of Apple which takes a total control of our data.

And to return to the hidden settings, you think it is a need for the U1 chip that allows fine golocation, or for the WiFi 6, or for the use of Locate my iPhone in case of loss?

The video on the use of GPS on iPhone 11