The iPad to fight against competition?

The iPad to fight against competition?

The iPad to fight against competition? – iPhone Soft

iPad AirOriginally, Steve Jobs had been rather hostile to the notion of tablet, before changing his mind. Good choice on its part, as the iPad has boosted all of Apple's sales.

This week, a new biography of the founder of Apple is published in the United States and its author, renowned journalist Fred Vogelstein, has shed new light on the reasons why Jobs changed his mind. He wanted counter the growing influence of Google's OS.

Jobs was fully aware that iPhone's market share would soon be outstripped by that of its first competitor, according to Vogelstein, and iPad was aimed at making the customer base even more solid. Apple.

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As the biographer explains, the release of an iPad allowed Apple to perpetuate its footprint, because all customers who already have an iPhone would more easily navigate to a tablet of the same brand, so as not to lose all their applications in particular.

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