The iPad Mini unveiled on October 17?

The iPad Mini unveiled on October 17?

IPad newsAfter the leaks on the keynote for the iPhone 5, we would believe Fortune magazine when announcing that the next press conference to unveil the iPad Mini will be held on October 17.

To advance these dates, the magazine explains that the source in question is an investor having heard it from several people himself. The invitation cards should also be sent a week before.

If this forecast were to prove correct, marketing could begin as early as November 2, according to the US economic magazine.

As a reminder, this tablet would have a screen of 7.85 inches which would allow it to compete with the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD in particular.

Do you believe in the upcoming release of this iDevice halfway between iPhone and iPad? And would you be tempted?

Here, meanwhile, are photos that have appeared on the web from China in early September.

ipad mini-rumor

ipad mini-dummy-020