The iPad is healthy in the tablet market

The iPad is healthy in the tablet market

ipad classic iconFigures from previous years were not at the top for the iPad as for the tablets of competitors. According to IDC, the third quarter of 2019 has successfully rimmed for the Apple tablet that has achieved great performance.

The iPad always meets a pretty success

The tablet reports in 2019! IDC announces that there has been 37.6 million of tablets that found a homeowner in the third quarter of this year, a good + 1.9% compared 2018.

On the iPad, analysts talk about a boost in sales thanks to the arrival of iPadOS which would have been a chilly wind. Market leader in front of Amazon, Samsung and Huawei, Apple dominates the first place with 11.8 million iPads sold in just three months. the same period last year, the Californian firm had ralis 9.7 million (is 21% change without launching a big novelty in this range of products).

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Apple has a lot of lead in the tablet market, since its competitors are far behind …

  • Amazon has sold 5.5 million copies of its Fire HD tablets (+ 1.1% compared to last year)
  • Samsung that sold 4.6 million Galaxy Tab (-0.8%)
  • Huawei that sold 3.6 million MediaPad (-0.1%)
  • Lenovo that sold 2.5 million copies of its tablets (+ 0.2%)

The category "Others", less known competitors, sold 9.6 million tablets.