The iPad also dominates in China

The iPad also dominates in China

IPad newsThe Chinese had to wait until July, four months after the official launch, to buy an iPad 3, because of a trial. Since then, sales have exploded and Apple is crushing the tablet market in this country.

In the third quarter, 2 070 000 iPads 3 sold, which represents an 80% increase over the previous quarter, where "only" 1.15 million had sold. Lenovo takes the second step of the podium with 278,000 units, in front of Samsung and its 143,000 units.

While Android is gaining ground globally from a tablet standpoint, it seems that people in the Middle Kingdom are largely favoring apple-branded products.

Comparing the fairly low sales figures, proportionally to the population total country (1.3 billion) – while taking into account the national preference for the iPad – we imagine that Apple must look favorably on the economic development of China.