The iPad 3 at the end of February?

The iPad 3 at the end of February?

The newspaper Focus Taiwan reports today a new rumor that the iPad 3 will be released on February 24 to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, that date also that of his birth.

According to Focus Taiwan, Apple is pressuring suppliers to speed up production of the iPad 3 so that it can be released on time for Steve Jobs' birthday. In total, no less than 4 million iPad 3s could be released for launch. Focus Taiwan states that the sources that provided them with this information are working in the production chain of the Apple tablet.

Several additional sources, also in production chains, have “confirmed” the information, adding that management had asked them to take only five days off during the Chinese New Year, the most festive period of the year and much awaited in the republic. The management of Catcher Technology, the company which would produce the hull of the iPad according to the rumor, would have “asked some of its employees to work overtime during this period”, without specifying to the newspaper for which product they must make these sacrifices .

The strategy described by Focus Taiwan seems rather realistic since Apple would certainly be tempted to pay homage to its creator one last time. However, we must admit that this would leave very little room for maneuver for the marketing campaign and everything that revolves around when we know that February 24 falls in just under two months …

Case to follow therefore.

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Source: 9to5mac