Christmas SFR promotions (mobile, ADSL, Fiber, ...)

the increases either, "it's not over"

A few weeks ago, SFR announced a price increase of 1 euro with its dual play offer, corresponding to a TV option that has become mandatory among subscribers who have not previously subscribed to it.

SFR increase tariffs TV options And as the current advertising campaign hammers out, "It's not over!". According to information collected by our colleagues from Univers Freebox, new price increases are expected at the ISP.

Photos taken during a conference at SFR thus indicate an upward trend in the prices of the two options Evolution TV and conventional TV. The first would thus go from 3 to 5 euros when the second would change from 2 to 5 euros, the whole would be implemented from April 1, 2015.

As of today, emails should have been sent to subscribers to notify them of this price increase. The prices do not, however, concern fiber subscribers who subscribed after November 18, 2014, i.e. new subscribers taking advantage of Numéricable's fiber box at SFR.