The household is health ... and for smartphones too!

The household is health … and for smartphones too!

When was the last time you cleaned your smartphone? I do not mean to delete the blurry photos from the last gig, or remove one or two apps that you no longer use. But really clean the hull, the dust, the guts. I thought about it and I think that … it never happened to me. And yet: it is stuck everywhere, in the bottom of the bag, on a bar table. Once we realize, we say that a little household is not useless. Here's how to proceed.

The popular site The Oatmeal created a test that lets you know the number of germs currently on your phone. Pass it to know approximately how many germs cover your smartphone. You can do it here.

Do you get the same score? So here's how to fix it.

Clean your smartphone

You will need:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Q-tips
  • Water
  • Alcohol for certain particularly contaminated places (but beware, alcohol can also damage the coating, it is better to use a special liquid to clean the electronic device, these are sold in any computer store).

No need to tell you to avoid metal brushes or abrasive materials. Also avoid glass cleaner or paper towels which are not especially conceived this effect: the first may contain incompatible chemicals, the second leave tiny scars.

In general the procedure is quite simple. To begin the screen : a micro-fiber cloth is quite capable of cleaning the fingerprint screen, otherwise in case of more serious contamination, you can moisten it slightly. If your device has physical buttons, you can clean them gently with cotton buds moistened with alcohol or special liquid (see above). In the presence of a physical keyboard, consider walking your cotton swab between the same keys. The main rule is right: do not abuse liquids (water or alcohol). Some smartphones (such as the iPhone or Nexus S) have special coatingswho take the tasks especially greasy, but whose blurring is also comfortable. So do not rub them too hard: just erase the hood, usually these traces disappear easily. If you have a smartphone removable battery, it is recommended to remove the rear cover and the battery (usually there is a build-up of dirt) and to clean the area with a dry cloth and cotton swabs.

Here are simple actions that should be enough to make your smartphone shine. The important thing is not to exagerate but if you accidentally go too far and the connectors are exposed water or alcohol, then dye it, do not touch and let dry. And cross your fingers!

Was your smartphone dirtier than mine? Do you have other tips and tricks to keep it clean?

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