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The Helo TC Assault test

The Helo TC Assault test

In early May, the accessorist Griffin announced the launch of its new tlguid Helo TC Assault helicopter, controllable from iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android smartphone. Belgium-iPhone had the opportunity to test the new device!

Smaller than AR. Drone and also much less expensive (59.99), the new remote helicopter Helo TC Assault from Griffin enough to seduce the occasional thrill of thrills at the office! Indeed, this small helicopter is primarily intended for indoor use. However, you can also use it outside as long as there is no wind, given the lightness of the device!

It is compatible with the iPhone (from 3G to 4S), the iPad (from the first generation) and also works with Android smartphones. You will understand, the piloting of this flying machine works from a mobile application! But that's not all, you will need to connect your iDevice or smartphone on Android, the infrared control module provided in the pack!

In practice, the Helo TC Assault works thanks to an integrated battery, rechargeable via a USB port or on the adapter supplied with your iDevice or smartphone running Android. It takes a recharge time of 35 minutes for an autonomy of about 8 minutes. Which is actually not standard but just enough to have a little fun …

To make it fly, nothing could be simpler, all you need to do is reload the helicopter, download the Helo TC application available for free on the App Store and Google Play and connect your iDevice or Android smartphone to the module order having taken to insert 4 AAA type batteries beforehand (not supplied in the pack). And to enhance your pleasure, insert the two plastic rods, serving as missiles, into the helicopter. You will therefore be defending your territory!

Easy to drive!

When you are ready to make your Helo TC Assault, all you have to do is press the "On" button located under its casing and launch the application. Then, nothing very complicated: on the left you raise the lever to take altitude and on the right you have the directional joystick accompanied by two buttons used to trigger the firing of missiles on your colleagues who deserve it! Rest assured, however, the firing of these missiles is more of a gadget than anything else and is certainly not at all powerful!

note that the parameters of the application propose to opt for gyroscopic control. In other words, you can drop the joystick for the benefit of the movements you make with your iDevice or smartphone on Android! Several modes therefore offer you switcher between different commands (an expert mode is proposed) and the app also offers to control up to three Hlo TC Assault as long as you can find your way! The icing on the cake is that the app also allows you to save a flight plan so it can run automatically later. Something to launch an unexpected flight to surprise your friends!

In conclusion, the Helo TC Assault is an ideal solution for people who want to have fun with a cheap tlguid helicopter. But don't expect feats like flying it high and fast. Its low autonomy (8 minutes) is not really disturbing in the sense that the battery of the Helo TC Assault recharges quickly. During your first flight, try to use it in a place not occupied by furniture to learn how to master it!

The price of the Helo TC Assault helicopter is 59.99. It is marketed in most good retail chains in the Benelux, Apple Stores and on the site of Dies.

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Demonstration video: