Another promotion to -87 € for the iPhone XR in Japan

The harshest year for iPhone sales in 2019?

iPhoneWill Apple's iPhone XI (or the 5 so-called models) not be enough to raise its head in 2019?

This is what Crdit Switzerland thinks in a note shared with CNBC. The bank even forecasts a double-digit decline after a year 2018 which saw iPhone sales drop 3.2% in the last quarter. To be precise, 2019 would rhyme with a fall of 12.4%, mainly due to too high prices and stiff competition.

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Apple's problem is called China

The sensitive point according to Swiss Credit, and many analysts, is Apple's ability to succeed in China. Over one year, revenues dropped by 27% in the world's largest market, in particular because of local competitors like Huawei, Xiaomi or Oppo who offer credible and cheaper alternatives.

To counter this effect, Apple has lowered its prices twice, but this does not seem to satisfy the bankers. Maybe the recently launched (or announced) services will help the apple? Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade seem to be the best armed globally.

Have an opinion? Apple has been interested in innovating since the iPhone 11 if it wants to keep its number one place in the hearts of its customers.