The hardest online games to play in your browser

Do you like to play a tough game every now and then? It’s exciting to tackle a tough game and beat it.

So, to help you find your solution, we’ve rounded up the most difficult online games you can play in your web browser.

These games all run in native tools like WebGL, which means you don’t need to install outdated plugins like Adobe Flash.

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Exit84 is a platform game with a difference. Instead of using directional keys to move your character, you should instead type specific sequences that appear on the screen. Once you type it, your character will transport it.

The game escalates in difficulty quickly, with an increasing number of enemies pulling all kinds of obstacles at you. Stretch those fingers.

Wave Run is a fast paced platform game that involves completing all 33 tries in the fastest time.

It takes a while to get used to the controls, but that’s part of the challenge. Soon you will fly over spiked pits and bounce off walls. However, you will need good reaction times to avoid repeated deaths.

Galactic super criminals roam free in Singled Out, and it’s up to you to take them down among a crowd of innocent people.

You get three identifiable characteristics and you have a short time to locate and shoot the criminal. The game quickly becomes difficult as the number of faces increases and they all start to look the same. Shoot the wrong person and you’re done.

Color Filler is a grid-based puzzle game where you have to push all the boxes of different colors into their respective locations. One bad move and you might have to start the level all over again.

Color Filler starts out simple, but the difficulty increases quickly. You will have to fully engage your logic to get to the end of it.

Pix Hop may sound simple, but it’s anything but. You control an inflatable white square in this endless platform game. The more you move and the more coins you collect, the higher your score.

Of course, there are a lot of enemies flying over you, and the ground keeps falling randomly. Keep bouncing!

Message delivery is difficult in the wind and rain, but how about a pogo stick? Pogo Postman puts you in this exact situation and you have to tackle difficult terrain as you bounce to deliver letters.

In a nice touch, you can select a user-submitted wish to deliver before starting, and you can submit your own as well.

Zig Zag would be calming if it weren’t so difficult. You are unlikely to be able to last longer than a minute or two in this game.

You control a colored line in a zigzag shape. The screen is constantly spinning and you have to use the arrow keys to push the line in the right direction. However, with the focus constantly changing, this is no small feat.

Normally rockets aren’t fired from catapults, but Rocketpult isn’t concerned with logic. You have to spin the catapult and then launch your rocket, using the boosters to control its trajectory.

You can turn on idle for more refined control, but be careful not to land in water or run out of fuel. Bonus points are awarded for skill and style.

Dodge is a reflex game where you control a circle with your cursor. Enemies are constantly flying towards you which you must avoid, and an added challenge comes from the ever-changing landscape.

If you want to make Dodge even more difficult, go up the settings and increase the difficulty. You can also change the color palette; each style has its own ranking to keep you busy for a long time.

In Insane, you control a rolling square that you must guide towards the end of the course. You can slow down the square, but be careful to avoid traps or fall off the edge.

Insane spans 50 levels and increases in difficulty as you level up. He also has a witty sense of humor, ensuring you’ll have a laugh as your bob takes place for the 100th time.

You must win the game is both the name and the goal of this challenging browser platformer game. This is an exploration platform game designed to resemble an 80s computer screen.

The game is already pretty tough by default, but you can step it up by choosing the Extra Spicy campaign and activating the YOLO mode which disables checkpoints and doesn’t allow any respawns.

The purpose of Streamline is to grow the line so that it reaches the purple square. You can control the direction, but not the distance. As such, you have to run into other blocks and power-ups so you don’t get trapped.

The game starts off easy, but gets wickedly difficult. If you manage to complete all the levels, there is an endless mode with procedurally generated puzzles.

Climb aboard your chariot and face formidable adversaries of Greek civilization in divine trials. This is a hell of a game, where your screen is constantly littered with bullets that you have to dodge.

You only have three lives, so you’ll need to nimbly control your tank. In a fun way, after each boss you have to choose which gift you want to give to the gods in return for power.

He Almost Killed Me is a game that depicts the difficulties creative people face when creating something. Appropriately, it is also very, very difficult.

It’s a 2D platform game where you control an inflatable character jumping through an elegant world. You just need to move and jump. Sounds easy, right? Just avoid all of these spikes.

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More online browser games to play

These tough online browser games are sure to keep you busy – and perhaps frustrated – for a long time. So we wish you good luck and good luck.