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The handbag that charges your iPhone

The handbag that charges your iPhone

This handbag designed by Richard Nicoll has the distinction of being able to recharge the battery of your iPhone, for at least two days.

Who has never found themselves with their iPhone battery empty in the middle of the day with, moreover, difficulties finding a power source to recharge their device? It is from this observation that Richard Nicoll has designed a bag that will be able to fill this gap. Presented recently during London Fashion Week, this elegant bag has the particularity of recharging the battery of its iPhone (and also of other brands of smartphones), for at least two days.

An excellent idea which did not fail to arouse the interest of the operator Vodafone who decided to collaborate with the creator to market this new product.

The marketing of the bag should start in the spring. Its price is not yet known.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Source: The Telegraph | Thank you @Flexyflow for the info! )