The Google Pixel 3 has a problem with the photo

The Google Pixel 3 has a problem with the photo

Although Google’s new sensors take very high-level imagery, it looks like they’re encountering a bug during registration. Comments on Reddit first pointed out the existence of this concern. Other users then confirmed that the problem also existed on their Pixel. According to these testimonies, the problem occurs when an image is taken quickly and the phone is then put on standby or when the user leaves the application immediately after. In these kinds of situations, the preview of the last photos sometimes disappears. Having a test model of the latest Google smartphone, we too could see the existence of this bug.

Image 1: The Google Pixel 3 has a problem with the photo

A recurring problem with Google smartphones?

Other owners say this is not a new problem, users say they have encountered it a similar concern with their Nexus 5X and 6P. However, the situation is not the same. “I had some unsaved photos, which may be a buffer issue, or just a bug Tweeted Daniel Bader of Android Central. For his part, David Imel (Android Authority) found that several images taken with his 3XL were not recorded.

According to Android Authority, an entry in the forum dedicated to Google products mentions this problem, the Mountain View company is thus aware of the situation and would prepare a fix. In the meantime, it makes sense to do not exit the application immediately after pressing the shutter button.

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