The GDF-Suez DolceVita connect thermostat to consume less and better

The GDF-Suez DolceVita connect thermostat to consume less and better

Home automation is one of the promising fields of investigation in the connected objects sector and which can directly benefit from advances in this area. Making communicable devices that were not previously controllable allows greater flexibility in uses but also more refined management of uses.

GF Suez DolceVita application

These aspects can manifest themselves very concretely with proposals like the DolceVita Connected Thermostat of GDF-Suez (in partnership with Somfy) which allows you to rethink the functioning of gas heating in the house, both by being able to directly control the desired temperature from a smartphone or tablet but also by using programming modes according to the activities of the home and the weather.

The GDF SUEZ DolceVita offer also makes it possible to receive temperature alerts outside the chosen parameters or to remotely control (and therefore not necessarily from home) the thermostat. Communication involves the installation of a ZenBox connected to the Internet box of the home and associated with a connected thermostat as well as a relay acting directly on the natural gas boiler of the house.

Installation costs € 199 (installation and equipment) but does not require a subscription and allows, according to GDF-Suez, to realize up to 20% energy savings by this increased control