The Galaxy S21 Ultra would be the only one to offer a microSD port

The Galaxy S21 Ultra should be the only one to have a microSD port on board, at least in Europe. The info has apparently been confirmed by the very informed Roland Quandt from two different sources.

microsd S21
Credits: Pixabay

Until now, Android smartphones were almost all distinguished from iPhones by the possibility of adding memory by inserting a microSD card. But for some time, this advantage is being lost, including with manufacturers like Samsung who systematically offered this port with their latest flagship. It must be said that all memories are not created equal. The UFS 3.1 memory that will equip its next premium smartphones is between two and four times faster than microSD technology.

And with the generalization of technologies such as 8K video recording, the read / write speeds of microSD cards (of the order of 500 MB / s) are really no longer sufficient. In any case, to serve as memory “in production” where you would install all your applications and the most greedy contents, under penalty of generating bottlenecks – and therefore of reduce the performance (in speed but also energy) of your smartphone.

Galaxy S21: Samsung will abandon the microSD port except on one model

To make matters worse, including this port comes at a cost, and the trend is no longer really for rising smartphone prices, as we enter a super-cycle of renewals driven by the launch of 5G. It is therefore in this context that we learn via Roland Quandt thatthere will only be a microSD port on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The other models will thus have to be satisfied with the memory that you will have chosen during the purchase.

The idea seems in passing to simplify the sharing of large files on the more expensive version, given that the smartphone will already be offered in more robust memory versions, including a 512 GB version with 12 GB of RAM. The basic configuration should be offered with 128 GB of internal storage. Roland Quandt claims to have crossed the info with two sources, at least for models sold in Europe.