The Galaxy S21 Ultra will be well compatible with the S Pen

The Galaxy S21 Ultra will be well compatible with the S Pen, Samsung’s stylus. This is a report from the FCC, the US telecoms regulator, which confirms this today. However, there is nothing to say that the stylus is included in the smartphone upon purchase.


Samsung should lift the veil on its new Galaxy S21 range in January. Rumors even count on the date of the 14th. We already know a lot of things about the three smartphones presented, but today, we are learning more about one of the flagship features of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

There would be three smartphones unveiled by Samsung: the S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra. It is the latter that interests us. It has indeed gone through the FCC, an American telecoms body, and its certification has been spotted by the Android Authority. The site informs us that the smartphone, registered as the model SMG998B, is well compatible with the S Pen.

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It will therefore be possible to use its large screen with the Samsung stylus. A first for a Galaxy S. This compatibility is expected, as suggested by the manufacturer for some time. However, it should be noted that there is no indication for the moment that the terminal will be sold with the integrated S Pen, as is the case with a certain Galaxy Note.

The Note 21 in danger?

Make the Galaxy S21 Ultra compatible with the S Pen obviously questions the future of the Galaxy Note range. Does Samsung still need it, when its greater functionality is being used elsewhere? The point is that at the moment, the existence of Note 21 is still debated. Samsung assures that it will come out well, but there is no evidence to support it, while the first leaks should have appeared a long time ago.

The FCC certification also tells us that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be compatible with wireless charging and will have WiFi 6E. The terminal does not have much to reveal anyway, since the leaks have already blown everything. A few days ago, it was even the complete technical sheet of the smartphone that was found online.

We therefore meet in the month of January for the official presentation of the Galaxy S21.

Source: Android Authority