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The Galaxy Note 10 performs less than the iPhone XS released a year ago

We knew the hegemony ofApple in terms of computers with Mac and Macbook. In terms of tablets with theiPad and theiPad Pro. But also in terms of smartphones, with the multiple iPhone models. What we knew less is that the apple brand phones from previous years even surpassed the competition that came out a year later!

Samsung will present on August 8 its famous Galaxy Note 10, expected by most fans ofAndroid. The Galaxy Note are, remember, the ultimate in phones from the South Korean firm. And yet, the premium smartphone wouldn’t do better than the iPhone XS, according to recent Geekbench tests.

The scores are therefore lower than those obtained on the latest iPhone, which can be surprising since they were released a year ago. With its Exynos 9825 processor and 8 GB of RAM, the European Galaxy Note 10 obtains the score of 4495 using a single core. With all the hearts solicited, the score is 10223. The iPhone XS, it gets 4797 with one heart and 11261 with all its hearts.

As a reminder, the Galaxy Note 10 should cost 999 euros when it is released. The Galaxy Note 10+ will start at 1,149 euros. Both have 256 GB of storage.