the future tablet with USB 3.0 ports?

the future tablet with USB 3.0 ports?

The USB connector will it finally appear on an iPad tablet with the future iPad Pro intended for professional markets? The rumor resumes service and the presence of USB could help to attract companies that will be the first target of this future tablet with a display larger than 12 inches and which must replace laptops as a thin client.

iPad Pen So far, none of the iPad or iPad Mini tablets have yet shipped USB ports, making it difficult for users of USB devices, but the Wall street journal indicates that Apple would consider integrating multiple USB 3.0 ports (we are thinking in particular of reversible connectors USB Type-C) in his future product.

This would notably facilitate the transfer of large amounts of data, with a technology offering data rates ten times higher compared to USB 2.0. Similarly, the Californian group would seek to accelerate the charging times of the iPad Pro.

USB support would also connect a keyboard and mouse, confirming the role of light client that Apple wants to give it. The fact remains that these supposed characteristics are not yet definitively included in the design of the product, indicates the economic newspaper, while the marketing of the iPad Pro tablet seems to have been postponed to second semester 2015.

In the meantime, the group can count on its partnership with IBM around professional mobile applications to strengthen its presence in the professional segment. For its part, Google does the same with the recent announcement of the initiative Android for Work.