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The future nano-SIM will be offered as a free license

The future nano-SIM will be offered as a free license

In a letter sent to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), Apple indicates that the future nano-SIM card will be offered for free.

It is probably with the aim of convincing ETSI and the main smartphone manufacturers that Apple recently sent a missive in which it indicates that its project to standardize a new generation of SIM card (nano-SIM) will be offered under license. Free, Access to all essential nano-SIM patents will be offered free of charge , prides itself on emphasizing the legal department of the Cupertino company.

Since November, Apple has been trying to impose the standardization of a new generation of nano-SIM with its competitors (a project already accepted with the main telecom operators in Europe). This card measures barely 12 x 9 x 0.66 mm (against 15 x 12 x 0.76 mm for the MicroSIM) and provides non-negligible advantages in terms of space saving in future devices.

However, manufacturers Nokia, Motorola and RIM have so far suspected Apple of having patented technologies around this possible future card and thus have to suffer concrete problems in their future development.

The purpose of this letter sent by ETSI is to reassure them.

The vote on this new SIM card standard should take place this week with ETSI.

If Apple succeeded in obtaining this new standardization, it could be that this new nano-SIM card is already found in the next generation of the iPhone whose introduction should probably take place in the fall.

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(Source: Fosspatents )