the future luxury hotel in space 800,000 dollars a night

Space tourism is no longer quite the whim of a wealthy billionaire. With the multiplication of launcher launches associated with reduced costs, projects are no longer just sweet dreams and technologies are refined before the first commercial services in a few years, or even a few quarters for the fastest.

In this new context, ideas flourish, from suborbital flight to the space hotel. This is the last niche that the company Orion Span by revealing theAurora Station, a luxury space hotel that could start operating from 2022.

Aurora Station

The modular elements of this mini-space station would be launched at the end of 2021 and the space station could accommodate up to 6 tourists, supervised by two crew members.

The promise is to spend 12 unforgettable days at an altitude of over 300 kilometers … for a price of almost $ 800,000 a night. The lucky ones will also have to undergo training for three months and be able to withstand the phases of exit and return to the atmosphere.

Orion Span is releasing major themes to sell its project, such as the new frontier space for humanity, but no contract has yet been really signed and the schedule for only four years many observers are doubtful as to the feasibility of such a project.

The start-up can still count on former NASA engineers and claims to have already developed construction technologies for its space station so that it can embark on the various launchers on the market.

At the same time, the development of habitable modules is in full swing and some, such as the inflatable module of Bigelow, have already been tested for more than a year on the international space station.