The funniest ways to learn languages ​​quickly and successfully

Learning languages ​​is not only beneficial for our careers, it can also be very entertaining. Discover the best ways to learn languages ​​without getting bored.

As we grow up we tend to let go of the learning new languages . Apologies such as “the rice is gone, I’m not old anymore, you better learn like a child “,” i don’t have time for that ” or it’s too boring and difficult “, Etc. the excuses are completely wrong.

A study a shown that there is a age is not considered to learn languages , adults can also master a new language. The trick is to learn the same way children do love to play and have fun. Try to put aside the textbook you bought, stop racking your brains with grammar exercises and spelling rules, and switch to learning entertainment , not in obligation.

Also, you don’t need a lot of free time to learn, so stop procrastinating from summer to summer. In fact, the CEO of Duolingo explained that the best tip for learning languages is to be consistent. If you want to speak and understand a new language successfully, it is better to invest 15 minutes per day over a long period than to spend 8 hours per day for a month.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start with the funniest ways to learn our favorite language quickly and successfully.

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The funniest ways to learn languages ​​quickly and successfully

here are the manners the more fun learning a new language :

Watch movies and series

One of the best ways to learn a new language is to watch movies and series in the original version. You can do this with or without subtitles in your language. If you have an intermediate language level, it is advisable to read the subtitles of the original language you are learning. If you start watching a series, it won’t take long as it will become part of your daily routine. With this method, you can learn the new language as much as possible.

Download an app

Try to download the duolingo app. This is an app for learning languages ​​in a fun way and has many free functions. In addition, as its CEO explains, spending 15 minutes a day on a regular and continuous basis is the best way to improve your language skills. That is, you can use the working method to learn languages ​​with your smartphone in an entertaining way. Duolingo is available for Android and iOS devices.

Board games

Gather your friends and learn languages ​​while playing. You can try ‘Taboo’, a fun guessing game. It is available on Amazon. A very similar game is “What’s New”? In which each player will have to place a band on the head where an object, animal or similar will appear, and will have to ask questions to the rest of the group to guess what it is. You can also try a more classic game like “Scrabble”, the words in English. What’s up is also available on Amazon and Scrabble.

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Watch video clips and trailers

Another very useful application for learning languages ​​is FluentU, which will teach you a new language through music or movie clips, news or lectures. It is available for iOS and web version is available.

Change the language of your electronic devices

Enjoy your most beloved smartphone. Change the language of your smartphone or computer, you can handle it easily while being intuitive and you will stay with new concepts, in addition to getting used to the language.

Using recipes

You can even learn languages ​​while cooking. Find recipes from books in the language you want to learn, it will be a good way to learn the ingredients and the instructions. You may find it useful in “Shake Shack: Recipes & Stories”, a burger recipe book with stories from around the world. It is available on Amazon.

Label your items

Stick the labels on all the objects in your house with your translation. It is a good way to learn vocabulary.

Read the news

Read the news in the language you want to learn and keep a notebook to jot down the new words you learn.


Try to talk to locals whenever you can, there is no better way to perfect your fluency in a new language than practice. Try using Duolingo, an app that allows you to improve your level by chatting with your smartphone with locals from all over the world. It is available for Android and iOS. You can also check if there is language exchange groups in your city. You can meet the people who will teach you their language in exchange for learning yours.

Awesome isn’t it? These are the best, funniest ways to learn new languages ​​quickly and successfully. Hope this article will help you learn any language successfully.

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