The front of an iPhone 4S unveils?

The front of an iPhone 4S unveils?

New photos of a purported iPhone prototype have been released by MacPost. This time, photos of the front of the device have been revealed. Analysis…

The week passes, the site MacPost prtendait to have been able to get hold of spare parts belonging to a certain iPhone 5 or at least its prototype. It was a back side marked "N94" clearly hinting at a new model of the device. This beginning of week, this same site reveals new photos this time showing the front face of an iPhone bearing the same mention (N94). This exposed front panel shows a screen the same size as the current panel (3.5 inches) and is provided with a Home button identical to the current iPhone 4.

What should we deduce from it?

While rumors of recent months claim that the next iPhone could carry a larger screen (4 ″) and a larger Home button (see the disappearance of the latter in favor of a fully tactile surface), Apple could offer a iPhone 4 completely revised (a kind of iPhone 4S), in addition to offering an iPhone 5 whose forms, they would have been reviewed. unless the Cupertino company preferred to test devices using the forms of the iPhone 4 in order to cover the tracks to avoid as much as possible the situation of last year (prototype parked in a bar) could happen again …

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(Via MacRumors )